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Why python

Million of people can tell you that python is awesome fantastic nice easy to use, bla bla bal ...
I say that python is a way to be, the easiest way to express what you have in mind as a programmer, is like to use your own hand..everything is easy
When you make any kind of programming staff you have just to be focused on the result.. every think you do with python is easy to correct, or can be changed very fast

So guy ..don't just read about python .. do something with it.. and your life will be better
Go true the python documentation

Learning Python

How to do this very difficult activity ???????
If you have something in your mind .. something you would like to do .... go to the python website..
Download it .. install it .. , HO HOOO HO .. if you are using a linux distro is already installed ..
and start coding ...
Do I need some editor before start .. how can I do my programming without an ide ... as someone say .. YES YOU CAN ...
With a simple test editor you can do very nice staff...
If you are not like me .. and you like to study before to do .. I suggest you to read the Books from Mark Lutz ..
His books are very clear and cover a very great range of thinks Lurz Support Page

Class Inheritance

Thanks to cactus to provide me the capability to develop this web site. Go to Cactus
And Python of course